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Audio Imaging & Sound Creation

Over several decades Roc2Roc Music have become one of the largest suppliers of audio sounds and broadcast imaging parts.  Creativity is the cornerstone of everything we do. The “ever changing” style of our sound imaging results from combining advanced digital software technology with classic vintage analog hardware and spending countless hours experimenting and frequently pushing the conventional rules of sound design to set new boundaries

At Roc2Roc Music, we are known for pushing the sonic envelope to the greatest extent with the latest in digital recording systems. We also know the secret to grabbing a listener’s attention. We have one of the largest collections of custom-built signal processing gear and classic vintage analog synthesizers. This vintage gear makes the difference in the sounds we create. There is an audible difference between the “real” thing and the audio recreated by inexpensive software copycats. With Roc2Roc Music you get the real deal!

We operate out of several ProTools recording rooms as well as multiple PC based editing stations. This combination of digital and analog gear along with an incredible creative team is how we became known as the place to turn for great hi-definition audio work parts. Multiple ProTools HD systems, a custom built Moog Modular System, ARP 2600, Oberheim Xpander, multiple Mini Moogs, hand-built MIDI to Control Voltage Converters fill the main studio at Roc2Roc Music… but it’s the knowledge of how we use them to create great radio imaging that makes it all work.

We produce simply the finest audio imaging and sound creations a world apart from anyone else. We make IDs, sweepers, jingles and commercials for Radio stations around the globe! Please check out our demos to hear how great we could sound on your next productions.

Listen To Our Demos


These are fully produced up to 14 words with sound effects and music as required. These come with a variety of voice options. A dry mix is also included.


Dry Cuts

These are just vocal only sweepers, produced to pop out of the radio or your audio system without getting in the way.



We produce countless adverts every year, for radio stations all over the world, we can script and add ideas where needed.


Impact Sweepers

These are high impact and a great way to start your show, designed by you produced by us. We always have ideas so get in touch. Dry mix included.


Full Package

Please contact us for more details on radio station packages

*Pricing is Subject to requirement and discounts are available on large orders

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